Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drupal 7 - First Time Login Redirection

I was trying tocome up with a solution for first time login redirection and after that redirection to user profile edit page every time a user logged in.

For that I created a role, "First Time Login". Then created a rule using rules module. It will assign role "First Time Login" to a newly created user.

Then in the following code, in module "custom_login_redirections" using hook_user_login redirected user to the "Welcome Page" of it has role "First Time Login".

// Comment
function custom_login_redirections_user_login(&$edit, $account) {  
  if (!isset($_POST['form_id']) || $_POST['form_id'] != 'user_pass_reset') {  
    if(in_array($account->roles[30], $account->roles)) {  
     $options = array(  
      'absolute' => TRUE,  
      'query' => array('destination' => '#overlay=node/17973')  
     $redirect = url('user/register', $options);  
     $_GET['destination'] = $redirect;//drupal_encode_path('#overlay=node/17973');  
     custom_remove_role_from_user($account->uid, $account->roles[30]);  
   else {  
    $_GET['destination'] = 'user/'.$account->uid.'/edit';  

Then using "custom_remove_role_from_user" function, removed that role "First Time Login" from the user. So next time it should redirect to user edit page.

// Comment 
function custom_remove_role_from_user($user, $role_name) {  
  // For convenience, we'll allow user ids as well as full user objects.  
  if (is_numeric($user)) {  
   $user = user_load($user);  
  // Only remove the role if the user already has it.  
  $key = array_search($role_name, $user->roles);  
  if ($key == TRUE) {  
   // Get the rid from the roles table.  
   $roles = user_roles(TRUE);  
   $rid = array_search($role_name, $roles);  
   if ($rid != FALSE) {  
    // Make a copy of the roles array, without the deleted one.  
    $new_roles = array();  
    foreach($user->roles as $id => $name) {  
     if ($id != $rid) {  
      $new_roles[$id] = $name;  
    user_save($user, array('roles' => $new_roles));  

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