Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Reset Root Password in Drupal 7 with phpMyAdmin

Copy the hash..
(that’s the hash for newPassword).

Navigate to your phpMyAdmin (likely in your control panel online somewhere).
Then browse the User table for the Root user, look like his.

Take the copied hashed text and paste it into the pass field of the Root user and hit “Go”.

See this If you want to reset Drupal pasword using Drush.


  1. can you please create the hash for the word "john316" ... thanks i am a newbie

  2. I did found the way to make all the hash stuff to work, here is what you asked for Mymy Lozada:


  3. hello. i tried this and when i attempt to log in to the site with the new password its not working. is there something i'm missing? i'm using a localhost for dev purposes.

  4. This won't work, because you have to generate a unique hash for your Drupal installation, as described here:

    Note the link on the password-reset file, it's similar to the index file change below.

    Or you can edit your index file, as shown here: