Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some Useful Drush Commands

Downloading modules: 

$ drush dl module_name

It will automaticly download extracted module to modules folder in your project. Enabling modules:

$ drush en module_name

Disabling modules:

$ drush pm-disable module_name

Unistalling modules:

$ drush pm-uninstall module_name

Clear Cache: 
You can use the following command to clear all cache of your site.

$ drush cc all

List modules:

$ drush pm-list --type=module

And if you want to list only non core modules, you can use

$ drush pm-list --type=module --no-core --pipe

SQL dump:

$ drush sql-dump > filename.sql

It will automatically take the dump of the database of the project in which you are. status (st) Check the Status: Provides a birds-eye view of the current Drupal installation, if any.

$ drush status

Check the Recent Watchdog: 
To list the recent watch dog status, us the following.

$ drush ws

ws referes to Watchdog show.

Database connection detail:
Provides a birds-eye view of the current Drupal installation.

$ drush sql-conf

It will print the connection detail. Execute update.php: To execute the update.php process you can run the following command in drush.

$ drush updb

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