Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Install urdu fonts in Linux (Ubuntu)

1- NafeesWeb.ttf (For etc)
Go to
Download the file with title ‘Font with MS VOLT project source‘. Unzip it.
2- asunaskh.ttf (For etc)
Download from

1- Go to your home directory like /home/[name]. You can use nautilus for this. Click on Places -> Computer and then navigate to your home directory.
2- Now click on ‘View‘ in the menu and click ‘Show hidden files‘. Or you can use Ctrl+h.
3- Search for folder .fonts. Just create it if it is not there, right click and create a directory with name without quotes ‘.fonts‘.
4- Now copy the fonts from the downloaded directory and paste it in .fonts directory.
5- Open terminal and type
sudo fc-cache -vf
Enter your password if asked
6- Thats it, restart the browsers and check the websites.

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