Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Linux - SVN Updating, Commiting file

Goto directory you want to update the file of...
cd path/tot/direcoty
Best is to get status for the current diroctory from svn server first..
svn status
it will list you if there is any update made in the directory to any file

if you find any update, you may need to impliment that to your machine first
$ svn update
A newdir/toggle.c
A newdir/disclose.c
A newdir/launch.c
D newdir/README
Updated to revision 32.
For aabriviation...
A Added
D Deleted
U Updated
C Conflict
G Merged
if you find a conflict you may find following..
$ svn update
Conflict discovered in 'template.php'.
Select: (p) postpone, (df) diff-full, (e) edit,
(mc) mine-conflict, (tc) theirs-conflict,
(s) show all options: p
C template.php
Updated to revision 4880.
Summary of conflicts:
Text conflicts: 1
There is one text conflict.. you can open it in netbeans to see diff.

Next you can update svn server for the file you made changes on..
svn commit -m"Any Comment"

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